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This website (also known as ‘the site’ or is owned and operated by Yoo Yoo Tourism LLC by Kuoni. Throughout the terms and conditions the terms ‘we’, ‘the company’, ‘the site’, ‘Yoo Yoo’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to Yoo Yoo Tourism LLC by Kuoni. The term ‘you’ refers to the customer visiting with the intent to browse, book, talk to our Local Experts, make a reservation through our website and / or our Customer Care Service Centre and Agents.

The details of this terms and conditions will and can be modified whenever necessary, therefore, it is important that before making a commitment and booking through us, that you take the time to carefully read through our terms and conditions of service as you will be asked to accept them without reservation before continuing with a booking / reservation. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions you will not be allowed to use the site. By completing a reservation and clicking agree, you acknowledge that you have read and fully agree to the terms and conditions as stated within this document.

This website is open to everyone around the world who wishes to use our service. However the site is governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is subject to change as and when the governmental laws surrounding the use of similar sites change within the region.

The following criteria must be acknowledged in order to secure a booking / reservation / live chat with any of our Local Experts, Destination Insiders, and Customer Care Service Agents:
  1. You agree that you are at least 18 years of age whilst using this website
  2. You are of legal age and possess the legal authority to carry out a legally binding contract
  3. You agree to accept all financial responsibility for all transactions carried out under your name or account
  4. You agree that all information you provide about yourself or any other person that you are legally authorised to do so for will be true and accurate
  5. You will not use to make any false or fraudulent bookings / reservations
  6. You will not in any way, shape, form or manner transmit via this website any defamatory, pornographic, religiously sensitive, political or racist material, or indeed any material that is considered unlawful or offensive by the respective governing laws under which this website is maintained. To do so is expressively prohibited.
  7. No part of the Yoo Yoo website, and this includes but is not limited to images, trademarks, logos, and written content can be reproduced, modified, copied, transmitted, sold, distributed or licensed in any way without the express consent of Yoo Yoo whether it is for personal, non-commercial or commercial use.
  8. When engaging verbally or non-verbally with any member of Yoo Yoo and this includes Local Experts, Destination Insiders and Customer Care Service Centre Agents, you agree not to use inflammatory, degrading, derogatory or racist remarks.

Yoo Yoo reserves the right to deny and restrict any customer access to the website without written, verbal or prior notice.

This website is only for you the user. Third parties acting on your behalf may not be subject or legally bound to any transactions undertaken in your name on this website.

Site content and distribution of information

Yoo Yoo Tourism LLC by Kuoni was created to distribute relevant content between you and third party suppliers through an online platform that include but are not limited to the following: hotels / tourist destinations, food and beverage outlets, nightclubs, lounges, bars, restaurants, theme parks, leisure attractions such as spas, as well as tours and activity companies, Destination Insiders and Local Experts. Whilst we endeavor to ensure that all information coming from third parties is accurate and reliable on date of transmission or broadcast, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any changes then made by the third party that affect your statutory rights.

Bookings / Reservations / Cancellations / Early bird bookings and special

It is important to note that all bookings made on are subject to the individual third party supplier’s rules, regulations as well as their individual terms and conditions as well as our conditions. By placing a booking through you acknowledge the following:
  1. The rates advertised on have been negotiated with the relevant supplier /tour operator and / or third party on your behalf
  2. That you have given the authority to place a booking in your name or account based on the content / information given by you to us
  3. You agree to pay the relevant room rates as advertised on our site, in addition to any mandatory government taxes where applicable as dictated by UAE law
  4. You agree that your credit / debit card will be charged for the total cost of reservations by on your behalf
  5. You understand that a cancellation policy exists but could be subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the third party supplier which varies from supplier to supplier. Therefore, it is important that you do read up on the existing terms and conditions of the third party supplier in addition to those created by Yoo Yoo Tourism LLC by Kuoni
  6. If you take advantage of any Early Bird specials or offers and later cancel within eight (8) days of your proposed travel dates you will lose the full amount of any booking deposit paid
  7. In the event that you do not show up for the first night of your booked check-in, but would like to continue with the rest of your subsequent booking, you will be charged a night’s stay in the reserved / booked hotel or a ‘No show fee’
  8. You agree to pay any cancellation fees or No Show fees incurred that are applicable or subject to as per any third party terms and conditions. These include but are not limited to the following: hotels, tour operators, Early Bird specials, food and beverage outlets and tourist attractions
  9. Customers with bookings and reservations are requested to give 24 hour notice in the event of late arrival and check-in to avoid your entire booking from being terminated. All no show days will be charged to your debit / credit card and not refunded
  10. Early check-ins are subject to individual third party hotel policies and availability
  11. Some third parties may not allow for cancellations or may not have a refund policy indicated in their terms and conditions. You agree to abide by the policies of both Yoo Yoo as well as any relevant third party policies, terms and conditions as well as rules and regulations that they may apply
  12. You can book for a maximum of five (5) rooms in the same hotel for any given trip that feature the same booking and stay dates. Should we notice that this maximum number has exceeded, we may cancel your booking and apply the appropriate cancellation fee where applicable
  13. In the event of illness, no cancellation waiver may necessarily apply. This will have to be confirmed by the hotel / food and beverage outlet / tour operator’s third party policies as they may vary.

Privacy and Safety

Your privacy and safety are of utmost importance to us. We endeavor to use every caution to ensure that your credit or debit card details are protected by using a highly sophisticated payment platform. In addition, we do not forward your identity, personal details or information to any third party aside from your chosen supplier / tour operator with whom you booked / made a reservation with via this website.

We also reserve the rights to conduct random checks on credit / debit cards used on our site to ensure that you are authorized to use said credit / debit card and thus protect claims on identity theft. Yoo Yoo will pass on any information deemed or possibly suspected to be fraudulent to the local governing bodies for further investigation. Misconduct or usage of non-authorized credit / debit cards could lead to a criminal investigation and the perpetrators prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As a result of this, before issuing tickets we may require you to provide us with a fax or postal copy of proof of address, as well as a copy of your credit card and a recent statement.

The Website Policies and Terms & Conditions would be changed or updated occasionally to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore the Customers must be notified about these changes as well as the Payment Gateway Provider / NBAD.

Payment Terms

Please ensure that you supply us with the correct credit / debit card billing information and address upon booking as well as any information regarding the cardholder information. Failure to do so could result in a delay in regards to issuing tickets / coupons / vouchers and reservation numbers. In addition, this could affect the overall cost of your purchase as rates may change in the time it takes to rectify any mistakes. reserves the right to cancel tickets / coupons / vouchers after issue if payment is decline or incorrect information was supplied to us.

Tourism Dirham

From 31st March, 2014, the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) will introduce the Tourism Dirham, applicable in Dubai only. This fee is charged individually by each hotel and resort, and will show separately on your hotel's final invoice. Each room booked will attract a fee calculated per room / per night. In line with other Online Travel Agents, YOO YOO Tourism LLC does not collect this fee, hence the rate displayed on is exclusive of the Tourism Dirham.

Below please find the fee per room per night:

5-star hotel or higher rated: AED 20
4-star hotel: AED 15
3-star hotel: AED 10
2-star hotel: AED 10
Deluxe Hotel Apartment: AED 20
Superior Hotel Apartment: AED 15
Standard Hotel Apartment: AED 10

Calculation example: A booking for one room for three nights in a 4-Star (****) hotel / resort will attract a fee of AED 45 / Approx. EUR 9 / GBP 7.50 / USD 12.50, to be payable upon check-out at the hotel. .

Copyright and Trade Marks

The copyright in the content of this site belongs to Yoo Yoo or to the licensors of such content. We reserve the copyright and all proprietary rights in this Site and all its content. The name 'Yoo Yoo’, ‘EmiratesYOO’ and any other marks, logos and graphics of Yoo Yoo displayed on this site are registered trademarks of Yoo Yoo Tourism LLC by Kuoni or its affiliates. Other company and product/service names displayed on this Site may be the trademarks of their respective owners. You are not granted any right or license to use any trademarks.

Cancellations and Refunds

In some cases, when you cancel an existing booking you could be entitled to a refund. This depends on the supplier involved, their existing terms and conditions and your reasons for cancelling in the first place. Please ensure that you contact our Customer Care Service number on +971 (0)4429851 to verify if a refund is applicable in your situation. All approved refunds will be made through the Yoo Yoo Tourism LLC by Kuoni’s credit card company and is subject to those terms and conditions.

Video Content

We continuously aim to keep all video footage broadcast on the site as current as possible, but we accept no liability for any changes which may occur between the time of filming and the time you come to view the footage. The images and other information contained on this site do not form part of any holiday contract which you may subsequently enter into. No guarantee is given that any of the facilities or services featured in the video footage will be available when you travel. Certain services, facilities and amenities such as water sports, air conditioning and so forth that are featured on this site may be withdrawn at any time or may only be provided if you pay an additional charge. Specific facilities and services should be checked at time of booking.

Pricing Terms Conditions

It is important to note that whilst we make every effort to ensure that our prices and availability of hotels, tours and activities are current and updated on a daily basis that they are subject to availability and can change at any given time. We strongly recommend that you allow for the possibility of price change when you make a search for any specific holiday, tour or price between the time of your search and the conclusion of your final price is confirmed. It is important to note that selected tour operators might include fuel surcharges due to global fuel increment. As much as possible we will try and include this in your total cost and as part of the advertised pricing.