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Your new aqua friends are waiting for you Book a dolphin playdate today!
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play with one of the gentlest, smartest marine mammals on earth? This is your chance to play and swim with them as you get to know them better! Emirates Yoo has rounded up the many ways you can have fun-filled moments with your next BFF. What’s more, we’ve got the best deals in town, so book now!

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Illusion, Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium
Prepare to be amazed at how graceful a group of dolphins can whirl and twirl in the waters and how playful seals can sing, juggle and event paint! This superb marine performance also comes with the jaw-dropping show of a master illusionist who will leave Read more
$ 27

Dolphin Meet and Greet at Dubai Dolphinarium
Who said you couldn’t hug and kiss the dolphins without getting into the water? Of course you can! Wait for them on the side of the pool and they’ll playfully come to you in this unforgettable meet & greet! Read more
$ 68

Up Close and Personal with the Dolphins of Dubai Dolphinarium
You don’t really have to be a good swimmer to enjoy the company of playful dolphins. Get into knee-deep water and touch, kiss and hug the dolphins. You can even play ball and dance with them if you wish! Read more
$ 122

Majestic Dolphin Swim, at Dubai Dolphinarium
Have the ultimate adventure and go for a swim with a dolphin! Experience an exhilarating dorsal fin tow or a belly ride, and thank them with hugs, kisses and a little dance. Learn more about these gentle creatures from the Dolphinarium’s expert trainers Read more
$ 162

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